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Ace autograph on the frontcover of his CD Digi-Version) "Space Invaders. Thanx to my friend Uwe.

and this is now the COMPLETE version on my Kiss room wall.

Gene original signature. This and the autograph of Paul I've got receive of a good friend of mine Uwe. He organized me this during the Meet and Greet Session in Frankfurt / M. (GER) in May 2017. Thanx Uwe.

Paul Stanley original autograph

Eric Singer - received on 25.03.2014

Tommy Thayer - received on 25.03.2014

Eric Singer Live

gotten from a friend

Eric Singer Live

gotten from a friend.


Eric Singer gotten 2013

from his address.

Eric Singer received 2013

from his address.

Eric Singer *Drum Kit* 2010

bought after the show in Berlin

Eric Singer autographed picture in 2004


Ace Frehley autograph

received via Venue in Hamburg 2009

from a friend.

Ace Frehley autograph from the early 80th.

received from a other collector.

Vinnie Vincent autograph "unmasket"

received  from a other KISS Collector


on a 60x80 cm DYNASTY POSTER

Gene Simmons and Peter Criss

autographed ALIVE I Vinyl DoLP

in 1980 Hamburg

Bruce Kulick autograph

received from his address

Bruce Kulick autograph

Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick signs

this CD Booklet via Venue. Gotten

from a good friend of mine.


Gene Simmons original autograph

in a Czech Tourprogramm. Gotten

from a good friend of mine.2010

Sonic Boom CD cover

signs by Tommy Thayer

Tommy Thayer signs this picture.

gotten from his address.

Tommy signs this picture 2009

received from his address

another Tommy autograph

received from his address.

Peter Criss autograph on his

CD "One"

Peter Criss autograph on

 Live picture.

Paul Stanley autograph

on a big promotion foto

Gene Simmons autograph

on a picture from the movie

"Attack of the Phantoms"

Eric Singer Live picture

with autograph

Eric Singer Live in 2004


Gene Simmons Book

"Sex Money KISS"

Special autographed

Limited Edition

inside the book

The Holy Bibel


inside are all original autographs

from the original Line Up

Ace Frehley autograph on

CD "ANOMALY" booklet.

received from a friend.

A Tommy Thayer Fan Pack

bought after the Show 2010

in Berlin

Tommy and Eric autographs

gotten from her addresses.

This is my only full band original

autographed picture !!! 

received from a good friend.


Tommy autograph on

this live picture

Bruce Kulick autograph on

a fantastiv motive. received from a

good friend of mine.

This was my first Tommy autograph

received in 2004 from him via his address.

This was in the same letter

my 2. Tommy autograph from 2004