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The most of my (former) DDR (East Germany) autographs are very old and received over 30-40 years ago. Most of theses autographs are in very good condition, other are maybe a little bit wrinkled.'s  HISTORY !!!

After a signing session with

Gojko Mitic in my hometown in October 2017. I grew up with his great western movies.

Gojko Mitic promotion picture.

Gojko Mitic as Indianer Chief


VHS Booklet of "Osceola"

autographed VHS Booklet of "Tödlicher Irrtum"

Armin Mueller-Stahl was born in former East Germany and leave East Germany in 1980. He is a German Movie Legend and I'm very happy to received his autograph because it's difficult to get. I received this via his acting near my Hometown in Sept. 2015

Armin Mueller-Stahl here in "Tödlicher Irrtum"

Holger Mahlich as "Sheriff Pat Patterson" in the movie "Weiße Wölfe"

Both autographs received via his agency in July 2015

Gojko Mitic, a hero of my youth !! All autographs from him I've received from him in July 2015 via his acting in Schwed/Oder in  Germany.

this VHS Cover is now autographed by Gojko Mitic and Rolf Hoppe

PUHDYS autograph session June the 13. in 2015

I met the PUHDYS Band on June 13, in my hometown. They signed me my 3 records and I received 3 autograph cards

ELECTRA, is a Melodic Rock Band, Founded in 1969 is the Band till today active.

Autographs on a Big Size Poster and is gotten personally in may 1985

A big thanx to my friend Micha !

This is Metall. A Metal Band founded in 1982. abolished in 1991

The autograph is from 1987.

Norbert Schmidt was the Lead singer of FORMEL 1 

He gaves me this picture with dedication backside after a show in 1986.

The signature backside.

FORMEL 1 former east German Metal Band No. 1

Picture is from 1987 and a prePrint.

The Band exist till 1989 and with a short Reunion in 1999

SILLY  from  1981

This picture is with Tamara Danz (R.I.P.)

She passed away in 1996 (Cancer)

Schubert Formation (Halle/S.)

picture is from 1978/79

Jürgen Kehrt (Blues Band 1971 -  )

autograph are from 1979

Rock Band KEKS

autograph  from 1979

The Band was forbidden and abolished in 1985 !

Rockband KREIS (1972 - 1982)

picture from 1978

Rockband "Magdeburg" (former Klosterbrüder) was a Rockband and later a "Hard Rock" Band. From 1975 and was forbidden and abolished in 1981.

autograph from 1978

METROPOL was a Rockband from 1977 till 1985 and with a Reunion in 2004

autograph from 1980

PRINZIP was a cool Hard Rock Band 1973 till 1990. autograph from 1981


This autograph i've gotten personally from the Band after a show 1981 to which i driven as young boy some kilometers (miles) with my bicycle. Just to see this Band !  :o)

TRANSIT was a Melody Rock Band from 1974 till 1989 and now with a Reunion in 2009

this autograph is from 1980

SET (Leipzig) was a Rockband from 1973 till middle of the eighties.

this a (i think) a Pre Print from 1978

another SET autograph. picture from 1979/80.

and a 3th SET autograph.this is from 1981

This is the most noted band in fromer east germany PUHDYS and they play now since 1969 !!!

it's only a Pre Print. I've nver gotten real autographs from the band. here the front side.

backside. Picture is from 1978

EXPRESS was a Rockband from 1973 till 1990

autograph from 1980

KARUSSEL was a Blues and Rock Band till 1976 - 1991. Reunions in 1996 and 2007

it give's much political storys about this band.Picture is from 1976

LIFT is a "Artrockband" with german songs since 1973

autograph is on the backside and from 1978

backside the autographs from LIFT

WIR was a Band from 1970 till 1986. at the bottom of the picture is Wolfgang Ziegler which has today a solo career. picture is from 1981

WINNIE II was  a "Fun" Band with cool and funny texts from 1975 till 1992 with a reunion in 2009. This picture is from 1979

REFORM was a Band from 1975 till 1986 from Magdeburg.

picture is from 1979

PIRAMIS is NOT a DDR (GDR) Band. They are a Hungarian Heavy Metal Band and was founded in 1973. This picture is from the eighties. The autographs are backside.

the PIRAMIS autographs

Dina Straat is a German singer. This picture is from 1981

Viola Schweizer is a german actress. picture is from 1980

Kerstin Rodger is a singer. autograph Picture is from 1984 i think its a pre print but on backside is a dedication.

another Kerstin Rodger autograph from 1984