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CD Cover of DIMMU BORGIR "Enthrone Darkness Triupmphant". The signatur is from 1998  look also "For All Tide CD Booklet" on this site. A good  friend of mine gave me this because he is not longer a metal fan.

THE SWEET a Glam Rock Legend. I received this picture from their Show in Dresden (GER) in Nov. 2015

Unleashed, is a SWEDISH Death Metal Band. I send a letter to singer Johnny Hedlund's private adddress in Sweden in Sept. 2015

autographed CD Booklet of "Where no Life Dwells"

Johnny Hedlund (Unleashed)

Johnny Hedlund (Unleashed)

Peter Tägtgren is the Mastermind of the Swedish Death Metal Band "HYPOCRISY" I received all the autographs via his private address in Sweden in Sept. 2015

Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy) Live

CD Booklet from Hypocrisy "inferior devoties"

Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity) signs this CD booklet and the 2 pictures. I received this all via his private address in GER in Sept. 2015

Dan Swanö

Dan Swanö (live)

DISMEMBER, a SWEDISH Death Metal Band. I found this xxl poster as I cleaning my cellar. It's from the beginning of the 90ties and I received it after a Dismember Show backstage.

CD Booklet autographed by DOLK. Leadsinger of the Band KAMPFAR from Norway.Received all the autogrpahs via his private address in Norway in Sept. 2015

Dolk is the Leadsinger of the Band.

Never seen before a full autographed Band Picture from KAMPFAR.

A full autographed Bandpicture od NORWEGIANS Black Metal Icons DARKTHRONE: Received all the pictures in Sept. 2015

Nocturno Culto Member of DARKTHRONE (NOR) received via  private address of Fennriz too,

Fenriz, Member of DARKTHRONE: I wrote a letter to his home address in Norway. I received back my 3 pictures inkl. Nocturno and with dedication. A fantastic success.

Autographed Vinyl record of the SCORPIONS record "Return to Future". Signed by K. Meine, R.Schenker and M. Jabs via autograph session in Cologne 24.Febr. 2015

The Session in Cologne. Picture ©ClaudiaKneist Photographie

Metal Queen DORO. I received these both autogrpahs of a friend of mine. He was with his band support act for DORO in July 2015 in Duisburg (GER)

the 2nd autograph of DORO.

That's one of my biggest success ever. Mr. King Diamond. I had a private contact with his Manager. My first letter was lost and the 2nd attempt was a awesome success. King's manager himself organized me these autographs with dedication as he was in the states at July 2015.

2nd success. Nice Picture.

Back Cover from the "Don't Break The Oath" CD, signed with dedcation.

Horg signs this IMMORTAL CD Booklet for me. Sept. 2015

Horg, ex Immortal and Hypocrisy drummer. Received via his privat address in Norway / Sept. 2015

Horg, ex Immortal

After Shagrath von Dimmu Borgir a next success from Norway. I sent 2 pictures to the Home address of Abbath from IMMORTAL.I'm a great IMMORTAL Fan. He sents me back my both pictures in July 2015 and incl.a short private lletter.

This is a little bit older, from 2002 in Wacken ....Black Metal Gods IMMORTAL

signs my picture.

The 2nd Abbath autograpehd  picture

and IMMORTAL sings in Wacken.

Here autographed Abbath my picture in Wacken 2002

Shagrath is the Singer of Dimmu Borgir. I received in July 2015 all these autographs via his address in Norway.

Shagrath - Dimmu Borgir July 2015

Shagrath is also Guitarplayer in Chrome Divison a Norwegian Band.

(klick on the picture for the xxl Size)


Bonus stuff in Shagraths letter.

SATYR of Satyricon on this picture. The second autograph above is from FROST (Drums)

FROST and SATYR of SATYRICON. I received these autographs vie Venue from Wiesbaden (GER) togehter with a big size poster of the show and original (played) Drumsticks of FROST !! in May 2015

the second picture from MARDUK. It's a little big sifficult to see the autogrpahs.

MARDUK (SWE) or Panzerdivision MARDUK is a swedish Black Metal Band. Received both picture via venue after their show in Memmingen (GER)

Full autographed CD Booklet from HAMMERFALL. Received via their show in Oberhausen (GER) in January 2015

autographed Band Picture from HAMMERFALL. Received via their show in Oberhausen (GER) January 2015

A nice success from the orinial IRON MAIDEN singer Mr. Paul DiAnno. Received via his show in Würzburg (GER)

A autographed picture from the IRON MAIDEN record "KILLERS" with Mr. DiAnno as singer.

A great success from a Legend. Anni-Frid Lyngstad one of the "A" from ABBA. Received in Dec. 2014 from her Suisse address.

It's hard to see the signature but is the second success from Anni-Frid. You can click on the foto for a big size.

I received this LORDI autograph from a good friend ob mine as little christmas gift in Dec. 2014. Thanx to Chris (Homer)

Mille Petrozza is the shouter from KREATOR

FULL signed Band picture of KREATOR. Received via a Show in Germany in Dec. 2014

Another Legend and one of my All time Faves. Mr. Dee "Fuckin Sister" Snider. I received all pieces via his Christmas Show in Chicago Dec. 2014

Signed Program and back side from the Metal Plate and Guitar Pick.

whole signet Band picture. received in Oct. 2014

My second success from the Band VENOM. I wrote a second mail to the mail address and received a picture signet by the band and a guitar pick.

And this VENOM pen was as gift in the letter. so fantastic.

This is a big Hit !! A Hero of my Youth ! The man of Black Metal ! CRONOS from VENOM:

I received all these autographs from Cronos and Venom from her Fan Address :

Okay the picture is printed but the autographs are real.DEFINITE.

A Trash Metal Legend ! Mr. Chuck Billy from Testament. I wrote a personal letter to him an received all these pictures.

Chuck Billy autographed this TESTAMENT picture

This is Chuck Billys Side Project "Dublin Death Patrol" he makes this together with Steve Souza (Exodus)

Another Chuck Billy autograph

Dark Funeral (SWE) I received these pictures from the band address in Sweden in October 2014

Dark Funeral is a Swedish Black Metal Band.

Anothert Music Legend of my Youth. Agnetha Fältskog. One of the "A" from ABBA. Received from her management in oct.2014

It's not Metal :) But he is a music Legend!! Björn Ulvaeus from ABBA. I like ABBA music and so I'm happy to received this autograph. Received via Benny Anderssons record studio in Stockholm.

And the 2nd ABBA success. This is Benny Andersson. I've received this autograph also via his studio in Stockholm.

SABATON is a Swedish Metal Band

gotten via mail  from the SABATON MANAGEMENT


This is an historic success, Autographed LP Cover from Ronnie's last Record.
Full autographed by the Last Line Up. R.I.P. Ronny :(
Gotten personally in Wacken (GER) in 2004

1349 is a norwegian Black Metal Band.

received after email contact with management

in Nov. 2013

DIO Full Band autograph

gotten on Wacken 2004

DIO (R.I.P.)

signs my pictures

Nightwish CD Booklet

signs from Tarja and Tuomas

in Wacken 2002

Falconer (SWE) autograph

gotten in Wacken 2002

Falconer Meet and Greet

in Wacken 2002

2. Falconer autograph

Wacken 2002

Black Metal Gods from GORGOROTH

signs this Programm in Wacken 1998


signs me this poster on the Partizan Open Air 2005

Dimmu Borgir full Band autograph on

a CD Booklet (original members)

sings after a show

in Stavenhagen Germany 1998

German Black Metal Band AGATHODAIMON

full band autograph on a Vinyl Pic Disc.

bought after a Show.

Two members from Bewichtched (SWE)

signs me this CD Booklet

after a Show in Hamburg


Monnspell signs me this CD Digipack

after a show in Stavenhagen Germany


Lord Kaiaphas from ANCIENT (NOR)

signs me this picture and sent a letter

in 1997

The letter from Lord Kaiaphas

Gorefest (NED) signs me this

CD Booklet after a Show in Rostock

Germany 1995

Enslaved (NOR) signs me my

CD Booklet after a Show in

Hamburg in 1997

Original Autograph Postcard

from AWA former

LORDI member

LORDI full signs Vinyl Special Edition

of "Arockoalypse"

historical moment. SEPULTURA sent me this picture and letter

in 1988 !!! from the original band members.

and the autographs in this letter !!

Max cavalera !!

Here backside from the pic the original signaturs

Anderson, Ian (Jethro Tull)

gotten Via Venue in Germany

07. June 2012

Anderson, Ian (Jethro Tull)

gotten Via Venue in Germany

07. June 2012

Gillan, Ian (Deep Purple) gotten

via Venue Germany 04.Dec. 2012

Paice, Ian (Deep Purple)

gotten Via Venue in Germany

04. Dec.2012

Roger Glover (Deep Purple)

gotten via Venue 04.Dec. 2012

MORTIIS (Ex-Emperor Member)

gotten from himself via Letter in 1998

Cannibal Corpse autograph

gotten in Wacken 2002

Mystic Circle, German Black Metal Band

gotten in Wacken

Cradle of Filt (UK) full autographed

CD Booklet, gotten

from the Filth's record Company

Dani Filth from Cradle of Filth

autograph on a CD Booklet

Schandmaul, German middle age Band

full signs DVD Cover gotten in Wacken

Impaled Nazarene signs my

CD Cover 1998 after a show

in Stavenhagen Germany

Messiah Marcolin, one of a best Metal Singer of all Time !

Ex- Candlemass (SWE) Frontman.

I contact him via My Space and he sent me 4

autographs. A big highlight for me.

Messiah Marcolin autograph on

a Black and White pic.

Messiah signs my Candlemass DVD cover

wonderfull autograph from the Singer

Norbert Schmidt on the front of the

"Live im Stahlwerk" Vinyl Record

Backcover full signs by the band

LORDI full band autograph

LORDI autographed Tourbook 2006

bought after a show 2006 in Berlin